It’s pretty plain and simple. Where ever you put god first in your life, he blesses you. Experience His blessings in participating in the Tithe. God created the church to live off of it’s members who stand on Gods promise. Click here to observe the tithe and set up your online giving.


Watch our online database of video sermons. We look forward to creating more and more content for you to enjoy. Now you can enjoy Westland Sermons where ever you might be.


Every once in a while we need a bit of super natural help, or peace that faith in Jesus can provide. If you need some prayer and want to make sure Jesus hears your prayer, we would love to pray for you. Please send us a request and we will pray for you promptly.


Right Now Media is being called “The Christian Netflix”. There are thousands of Christian titles for lessons, tv shows, and books that you will have complete access to as a gift from your church. Check out Right Now Media today and get started for free.

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