Be a Blessing

Dear Westland family,
We are accepting donations and asking for volunteers for Louisiana hurricane relief. The supply drive will be from today, August 31 through September 3. You may drop off your donations here at Westland from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Leave your donations in the marked collection bin outside positioned near the front door. If we are open, please bring the donation inside and leave on the long bench to your left.

Donation List:
*Gas – in regulation red plastic container. (please leave outside of the building!)
*Snacks (individual packages would be best)
*Paper plates, plastic forks and spoons
*Batteries – AA, AAA, D
*Gloves (work gloves, latex or nitrile are useful also)
*Heavy duty trash bags

***Westland is also getting volunteers together for a few day trips to the Lake Charles area. The plan at this time is to have a group go this Saturday, September 5th and another group Sunday, September 6th. Are you interested? Please contact Pastor Roy Meadows, 281-989-0509 or roy@westland.cc or Jimmy Taylor, 832-858-8937 or jimmy@westland.cc.